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Office Removals

When a business grows, demand on productivity goes up which requires addition in the number of employees. To accommodate the new employees, you are forced to move your office from its current location to a bigger premise. However big or small your current office is, Leadx Removals provides the best office removals in Inverness.

We will arrange a meeting with you to assess the needs for your business relocation process and take down the instructions you’d like us to follow. Our staff packs all office equipment and labels them clearly to avoid placing of stuff in the wrong room upon the arrival of the new office. With our service be sure to have a functioning office on a Monday morning equally to your last session on Friday evening.

We have invested in the ideal tools and equipment required for the task. You hardly experience any delays with our services and the execution bit speaks for itself. All our staff enjoys performing their task from the managerial staff to drivers and our technical team. Before hiring any of the employees, we conduct a thorough interview and background checkup ensuring we take in the best persons for the job.

On a regular basis, we undertake all staff for training program enhancing on their skills and execution of the various task in the specified departments. Leadx Removals has a broad range of trucks and vans designed with new technology easing the entire process of loading and offloading of goods. Besides that, we have the professional staff with knowledge on handling all detachable furniture and sensitive equipment like safes.

All our vehicles arrive in perfect and clean condition and so do the employees. The staff is very friendly and willing to help you with any information to the best of their knowledge. With new technology, we have tracking devices on all our vehicles enabling you to track the progress of your properties during the journey.

For safety measures, we offer insurance liability cover to the passengers and goods in transit. These extra services have earned us trust with the majority of customers opting for our services. We have excellent customers support team dedicated to answering all your questions and taking you through our various packages. Note that Leadx Removals has more than a decade in the industry and thus, you can expect the best services from us at an affordable price.

Our team is excellent in execution of service whether under supervision or not.  Leadx Removals is applauded for being the most caring and listening partner in office removals in Inverness. We pride our success on the excellent services we offer and the dedication our entire staff puts in their assigned tasks.

Call us today or write an email to find out more and discuss your requirements for office removals in Inverness services.  

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