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Rubbish Removals

Get rid of any nagging waste lying in your garage or backyard playground by simply dialing for our service. Leadx Removals takes the lead and pride in offering top-notch rubbish removals in Inverness however big or small the job.

We cater for a wide range of customers including residential estates, public and private offices, NGOs, commercial industries, and learning institutions. The service is available at any time of the day or night upon immediate request and on the contract basis. With a great team of employees, we deliver quality service beyond the client’s expectations.

Leadx Removals takes safety measures seriously without compromising on the environment. The company has the best machinery and vehicles for the various rubbish removal services. Our entire team is skilled in handling a different kind of waste appropriately. We have an excellent relationship with residential owners who opt for our services in garbage collection in the entire estates within Inverness city.

The company collects the waste on weekly basis and issue disposable bags at the same time. With the latest technology, we have ideal lifting cranes that pick up individual bins and emptying in the truck without spilling any rubbish in the compound.

With our service, you can be sure of non-air and environment pollution. When it comes to construction site waste clearance, we use the most efficient machinery with very little noise pollution. Upon rubbish removal, we sort any recyclable rubbish and any other minimum waste is disposed of at a fully licensed landfill site.

We are accredited for rubbish removals in Inverness by the Environment Board. The company complies with the Boards rules and regulations of providing eco-friendly waste solutions. With the reduced facility for landfills, we actively work towards maximizing on recycling the majority of rubbish at our disposal.

We clear all common kinds of waste including old furniture, kitchen appliances, junk demolished from the yard, and so much more. For the huge task, we conduct a site visit in order to establish the kind of rubbish we will be handling.

With minor task, an explanation over the telephone or a photo caption sent to our office is enough to send our team to the ground. All our employees are courteous and always neatly dressed in uniform. They are easy striking a conversation with and very helpful with information you require to know regarding our service.

With proper tools required for the task, the team clears all unwanted waste leaving your place cleaner than they found it. Our aim is to keep offering the best services and creating a better environment for the future generation. Leadx Removals demonstrates outstanding community social responsibility.

After collecting wastes from people’s garages where they usually store old household goods, we refurbish some of the usable stuff like furniture and donates them to needy children’s home. The homes have an option of either using the items or selling and attain funds for running the institution. To find more on rubbish removals in Inverness visit the website for a quick quote.

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